Jesus said, "I will build my Church!"  He has and He continues to do so.  And every believer is a vital part of that Church.  But what does it mean to be a Church member?  In January our church delved deep into God's Word during our worship services to see what God intends for us as members of His Church.  We first examined what the Church is and then examined the implications that followed.  So the first sermon in the "I am a Church Member" series will help us to understand Church.  You are welcome to listen below to our series about the nature of the church.  It is our hope that you will come to a greater understanding of the Church through this series.

Bro. Greg

You can find the church covenant here: Church Covenant

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Church 101

The Covenant Church

The Covenant Community

The Covenant Home

The Covenant Servant

I Am a Church Member Part 1: Church 101

I Am a Church Member Part 2: The Covenant Church


I Am a Church Member Part 3: The Covenant Community

I Am A Church Member Part 4: The Covenant Home


I Am A Church Member Part 5: The Covenant Servant